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Important Cookie News


eBudde:  If I haven't received your troop's paperwork (all 3 items) by December 9, you're too late.  Forms were due to me on December 19 and I've been pretty flexible.  However, I need to turn in everyone's form by January 12th and initial orders are due in eBudde by January 14th.


BOOTH SCHEDULER:  The booth scheduler opens tomorrow at 6:30 PM.  Troops may sign up for 3 shifts in their home SU only. The system will prevent troops from signing up for more than 3 shifts, but it does not prevent them from signing up for shifts in other areas.  If you sign up in other areas, I will delete them.  
You should review pages 25-26 in their troop guide.  


STARTING INVENTORY WORKSHEET: Troops should use the SIO worksheet (found at, under the cookie banner, under forms) to calculate their Starting Inventory, which is due in eBudde on 1/14.  Note: The Troop Guide on pages 27 & 28 shows how to place the order by girl-however this is incorrect. 
 All orders should be placed under BOOTH or OTHER, and enter the case quantity at this time.   If they have ordered the recommended 75%, they need to order the clipboard for each girl on the Rewards Tab.

  • There should be no GOC orders at this time-GOC is entered when troops collect money from girls and there should be no girl ordering at this time.
  • Troops should not be assigning product to girls to be financially responsible, for at SIO-product is ordered under BOOTH or OTHER and distributed to girls after pick-up
  • If troops have placed orders by girl, we ask that you move it to BOOTH or OTHER as a total troop order.  This ensures troops will not have issues trying to exchange or return product at the cupboards and will make the Allocations process easier for them AND you down the road.


these videos will assist you with BOOTH sign up and SIO:


Booth scheduler:


Starting Inventory:


If you need to contact me, please email me at and not my personal email.  It gets confusing finding it in both places.  Also, I work, so I won't be returning calls unless it's during my lunch break or after work hours.

Kris Mueller

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